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Sinus Infection Symptoms

Symptoms of Sinus Infections

If you are wonndeing what the symptoms of sinus infections are there are many symptoms to be aware of.  Some are not commonly known and many people don't understand the difference between cold symptoms and sinus symptoms and they can often mimic each other making it confusing to determine whether you have a cold or sinus problem or even a full blown sinus infection. Sinus Cure Report

These are the sinus infection symptoms that you will more than likely encounter if you have a sinus infection:

You may or may not have all of these symptoms in the beginning but these can give you a clue as to whether you have a sinus infection or a sinus irritation or other sinus problem or not.

An irritated throat. A sore throat or tingling in your throat. Many people do not associate a sore throat with their sinuses.  Sinus drainage goed down into the back of the throat causing a minor or sometimes severe sore throat.  You can tell if it is or not usually by gargling with a little salt water (1/2 teaspoon to a cup of warm water) and if that relieves it after awhile then the soreness is probably due to sinus drainage or a sinus infection or sinusitis. 

Yellowish mucous.  You start coughing up little bit of mucous that looks yellowish.  This is a sure sign of a sinus infection. You can have green mucous but it is almost always yellow.  They may be semi-hard little bits of mucous or soft bits of mucous. People think this is coming form the lungs but it is actually going down into the back of the throat form the sinuses above you nasal passages. Sinus Cure Report

Sinus headache.  You may or may not get a sinus headache. Some people do and some people don't.  Many people do not associate a headache with a sinus irritation or sinus problems.  These often happen if it is moggy outside or the air quality is bad outdoors OR indoors.  Ventilate your room - make sure to air it out good - also you won't be breathing in any particles of dust, bacteria, fungus - molds or anything else that is airborne that can get lodged into your sinuses or nasal passages.

Slight coughing. Coughing is usually due to the drainage irritating your throat and even sometimes your gag reflexes. You may even feel a huge glob of mucous in your throat and think it is from your lungs.  It has floated down your tubes into your throat and is being flushed away.

So these are the most common symptoms of sinus infections. You may have other symptoms but these are ones that are pretty easy to recognize and may solve a sinus problem for you.  You want to know if you are having a sinis problem so you can get rid of it fast.  You may have been suffering with symptoms like this for  along time and have had acute sinusitis or chronic sinusitis or numerous snus infections over there years.  You don't have to suffer with those read my sinus cure book and get rid of them and prevent them from recurring. There are sinus remedies and sinus home remedies that work without taking drugs or dangerous antibiotics that don't work anyway.

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