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Sinusplasty Surgery - Sinuplasty Surgery- A New Less Invasive Surgery

Sinusplasty Surgery - Sinuplasty

A brand new surgery called Sinuplasty or as some call it sinusplasty is reported to be far less damaging to the sinuses and nasal tissue than the conventional sinus surgery. This is  due to the fact there is no cutting involved. No cutting means no invasion of the body. Sinuplasty is a trademarked procedure. But many people call it sinusplasty with the added "s". 


Sinuplasty utilizes a thin balloon, much like a strong angioplasty balloon, in order to open the sinus passages and provide easier breathing and in most cases, helping to get rid of serious sinus headaches. Just as for heart vessels, the balloon is placed in the right position, then it's inflated, then deflated and eliminated. That brings about permanent widening in the important areas leading to the sinuses though leaving the nose lining unharmed rather than disrupting the lining as occurs in typical sinus surgery. 


Sinuplasty surgery or sinusplasty is used for people with chronic sinus headaches or serious pain and people who have perhaps been afraid of the occasional nosebleeds.  And many don’t like the packs they have seen normally using the standard sinus surgery. 


This particular new outpatient procedure is revolutionary. The biggest benefit of Sinuplasty or sinusplasty is a lesser amount of bleeding along with a shorter recuperation time. Most people will be able to return to work in twenty-four hours or so. 


People really feel much better quite quickly. This is a shorter recovery than standard surgery. That's because Sinuplasty is usually less traumatic to the sinus tissue. Unlike traditional surgery, there’s no cutting that would lengthen recovery time. In fact when it initially came out some doctors were extremely skeptical. But now many ear, nose and throat doctors are recommending Sinuplasty (sinusplasty).


It works like this. A doctor visualizes the area using a lighted scope. After that a very fine, lighted wire, threaded by way of a special balloon, is simply inserted into the passages.


How Sinusplasty - Sinuplasty Works


Similar to angioplasty, the balloon opens narrowed drainage channels in the sinuses to allow for proper drainage.


The balloon will be able to simply open to a certain size - inflated with a calibrated device. Colored markings show the doctor how far to insert the balloon. 


This just goes in and after it blows up, it fractures some of the bone. So this enlarges the opening which means you have a small, teeny opening which is not functioning, then you make it bigger, although certainly not too big, so it will be actually be a lot more natural. Also it is not going to bleed as much, heals more rapidly and you could possibly get inside some of the inaccessible sinuses. Note we have four sets of sinus cavities in our heads. 


The balloon brings one more advantage ... decreased surgical risks associated with scarring to the treated area due to the elimination of cutting. And scar tissue can cause the nasal area to become narrow. And you don't want that. Also the imaging with Sinuplasty is more preferable than with traditional surgical treatment. 

Sinusplasty - Sinuplasty - Risks

But before one even considers sinusplasty or Sinuplasty sinus surgery they should do everything possible to heal their sinus problems with home remedies, natural treatment or alternative methods. Surgery does not always help. And there is always the possibility of narrowing the passages and that can't be reversed. Plus the risks that come with any surgery are going to be there. Try all other methods first. Sinus Cure Report








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