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Sinus Infection Buster? Why You Should Not Use Oregano Oil for Sinus Infections - Nurse's Report

Why You Should Not Use Oregano Oil - (Orgeano Oil) for Sinus Infections 


Recently it seems more and more people are asking how to use of oregano oil for sinus infections.  It's alarming for me to think that anyone would put oregano oil or any other oil or medicine or drug or unnatural preparation up their nose into their sinus cavities as a treatment for any type of sinus problem or sinusitis.


Oregano oil sounds harmless because it's oil made from an herb that is commonly used in the kitchen in a wide number of recipes.  But it's not harmless or without risks as are many other herbs not harmless.


Even in small doses it can be irritating to the sinus cavities, nasal passages and throat.  It has caused allergic reactions and requires a specific way to take it.


I would never encourage anyone to put anything foreign up their nose or into their sinus cavities.  If you've ever had any pain in your nose, head, back of throat or mouth you can't get away from it.  It's right there in front of you.  A pain the in the hand - you can hold that out away from you and in a way it's not in your face, so to speak and you can partly escape from the pain.


It's my opinion that nothing should go up the nose except a proper biologically compatible saline solution.  That is - the proper proportion of salt to water - thus it's called saline solution. You can make your own and irrigate and flush and achieve better results that using any sinus medicine or drug up your nose.  The sinus cavities should be protected and cared for naturally and properly.  If you treat sinus symptoms or sinus infections or other sinus problems naturally with the right care you can turn them around fast, without the use of oregano oil or any other medicine that you would instill.


Once a sinus problem reaches the realm of a sinus infection or sinusitis you can still turn it around fast and treat it without using oregano oil.  Actually oregano oil can create new problems that will delay healing and treating your sinus infection properly, especially if you're allergic to it.


I must say no matter what your sinus symptoms or sinus problem to always check with your doctor before putting anything up into your nasal passages or sinus cavities. 


So before you spend any money on oregano oil or any other preparation that requires you to put it up your nose, do plenty of research. It could save you a lot of pain and suffering. Besides using oregano oil for sinus infections, taking sinus medications and antibiotics are NOT the answer either.  Sinus infections can be treated naturally without exposing yourself to the risk of medications that have the potential to cause harm or delay healing in your sinus cavities.


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