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Clean Wave - CleanWave UV Light Sanitizing Wands Now at Costco

Clean Wave - CleanWave UV Light Sanitizing Wands

Have you seen the new Clean Wave UV light sanitizing wand?  This is a great idea.  No exposure to dangerous chemicals.  We don't sell them.  You can get them at Costco, probably other outlets and online.  Costco may be the chepaest though and that's where we saw it.

Ultraviolet cleaning! Compact UV-C cleaning equipment. You can easily neutralize germs and bacteria with ultra safe ultra-violet light, inhibiting dust mites, molds, viruses, bacteria, germs, other organisms  and more. This cleaning method frees you from toxic cleaning chemicals too.  Environmentally-friendly cleaning too!  What could be better!  It's made by Verilux.

If you have sinus problems, chronic sinus problems or any sinus problems related to dust mites or mold or even just pollutants in your bedroom air or other rooms in the house it may be worth buying a Clean Wave light sanitizing wand.  Maybe lessen the amount of allergen control you may be doing for dust mites in your bedroom.

Take a look at  a Clean Wave at Costco.  We found out the company also makes a Clean Wave pocket wand and a Cleanwave floor sweeper too. 



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