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Can A Sinus Infection Cause Tooth Pain?

Can A Sinus Infection Cause Pain In Your Teeth?

Many times I've been asked over the years if a sinus infection can cause pain in your teeth and you may be surprised to know that it can.  Although it isn't the most common cause of a sinus problem, or sinusitis  it does occur often.  There are a few reasons this can happen and acute sinusitis can be the result. The dental pain can feel like pain in just a single tooth or in a group of teeth and can be mild to severe. And the reverse is true also -- a tooth infection can cause a sinus infection as well and more than likely in the maxillary sinuses.


How can this happen?  Often this happens after a visit to your dentist.  You may notice a tingling or pain in your upper jaw or especially the upper teeth.  If you've had any heavy dental work due to filling replacements, root canals, extractions or dental implants then it's certainly possible it has involved some of your sinus cavities and probably the maxillary sinuses.


The upper molars are located near the maxillary sinuses, one of four sets of sinus cavities that you have. You may already have an infection in your teeth and this can spread to your sinuses.  The infection can then spread from your maxillary sinuses to other areas. Also a sinus infection in the maxillary sinuses can spread to your tooth root, which may cause serious root problems and a decision may have to made as to whether to have a root canal or not and many people these days may choose not to have a root canal.


When people get dental implants, which many older folks are doing today, the risk for infection can be high.  If the bone above the teeth is thin it may need to be reinforced with a bone graft called a sinus lift procedure before the implants can be placed. This surgery can occasionally result in a severe rhinosinusitis complicated by an infection in the bone grafts. If osteoporosis is present it may cause further problems due to the condition of your bone and this should be evaluated first.  Also the bone is foreign matter to your body and may affect your immune system in the long run.


There is a nerve that supplies sensation to the cheek located along the roof of the maxillary sinus cavities.  When this sinus becomes inflamed you may feel pain when you press your cheek or both of your cheeks if both are involved.  The pain can feel like a headache or sharp pain or simply pressure.  If the infection in the sinus is so bad that it affects the maxillary nerve it can result in pain in one tooth or in several of your teeth.  If this happens make sure to discuss with your dentist, primary care physician or eye-ear-nose and throat doctor.


So a sinus infection can cause pain in your teeth. But most cases will clear up without any serious problems provided you treat the infection fast to try to get rid of it and seek fast pain relief. Besides seeing your doctor, natural home sinus infection treatment should be undertaken as soon as possible to get rid of the sinus pain fast. Sinus Cure Report   Sinus Cure

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