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Sinus Cure - How I Cured My Sinus Problems!

Hello there!  I'm a Registered Nurse and FORMER sinus sufferer. I have helped not only myself but hundreds of others get rid  of their  sinus infections and other sinus problems. I started this website so I could pass on what I know about acute and chronic sinusitis, sinus headaches, sinus congestion and sinus busters. I found a sinus cure after suffering for ten years with chronic sinus infections.  I finally found  sinus relief!  I took all sorts of sinus medicines and sinus medications  and antibiotics over the years - in fact I tried so many different antibiotics I became allergic to all of them.

I think my problem partly developed because I had lived with a smoker for many years.  Even though I tried to avoid the smoke it would work its way into my living area. (If you smoke you should quit or it will be difficult getting rid of your sinus problems, but you no doubt know that.) Chronic Sinusitis

 After ten years of suffering  I read a book by a doctor who specialized in sinus problems.  It helped me learn about the sinus cavities, sinus infections and other sinus problems but it still didn't help cure me and he admitted he was still suffering.  I learned a lot of practical information however such as propping myself up at night with pillows to keep the sinus drainage from going into my lungs, etc. I had pneumonia one year and was hospitalized.  I always wondered if it was a result of the sinus drainage dripping down into my lungs from a sinus infection. Sinus Cure Report

I knew I was allergic to dust mites and if I was around any old dust (probably with dust mites) that was being stirred up I could count on getting a sinus infection. How I Found A Natural Sinus Infection Cure! From A Nurse!

Then with all my own experimenting I discovered the solution!  The most amazing natural sinus buster too! This was a few years ago now. Plus I had learned some other things that combined with it have prevented any sinus infections from ever recurring. 

One thing I discovered over the years -- if you feel like you're getting a sore throat or feel irritation in your throat, there is a good possibility it could just be irritation from sinus drainage and not a full blown sore throat or strep throat. And there's a good way to find out. Just gargle with  a little warm salt water and if it eases up, then it's likely from sinus drainage. (gargle: a 1/2 teaspoon salt to 1 cup of warm water.) Sinus Drainage Can Make You Cough and A Sore Throat Test- From a Nurse

Note that a quart of mucous has to move through the sinuses every day.  If the sinuses get inflamed then this mucous will back up and harden causing sinus blockage. 

I used to get sinus headaches.  Sometimes it's hard to stop a sinus headache once it gets started so you want to stop it before it gets a hold on you and my cure does that. Sinus Headache - 5 Ways To Use Shiatsu For A Sinus Headache!

My friends, family members and patients spent many hours and a lot of money searching for sinus solutions and sinus busters before I discovered my natural  sinus cure.  Now we all no longer suffer from sinus infections, acute sinusitis or chronic sinusitis and other sinus problems. Even my 12-year-old grandson has been cured. I've introduced my sinus secrets to many allopathic physicians (that's mainstream medicine) and naturopathic physicians who are now recommending it to their patients.

I have helped many people stop their chronic and acute sinus infections.  No need for antibiotics - they don't work anyway, have risks and create new problems. Antibiotics Don't Work For Sinus Infections

A high percentage of what people think are colds, are sinus issues as I mentioned. Many people make this assumption when they actually have acute sinusitis.  Sinus Cure Report

Why you should NOT use an antihistamine:  If you use an antihistamine when you have sinusitis it'll harden the mucous in your sinus cavities and you don't want to do that.  It's best not to use any antihistamines for sinus infections (sinusitis) unless you have a full blown allergy to something and have to take it. But be sure to check with your doctor.

To this day I'm still cured of all my chronic sinus problems.  I never get infections and in the past few years haven't even had an aspirin - no drugs, no sinus medications, no decongestants, no sinus medicines, no sinus drugs of any kind and enjoy perfect health.  See my sinus cure report for more information. YOU don't have to suffer any more either! Sinus Cure Report

To Your Good Health!

Helen Hecker R.N.

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